LL3DA: Visual Interactive Instruction Tuning for Omni-3D Understanding, Reasoning, and Planning.

1Fudan University, 2Tencent PCG, 3National University of Singapore,
4Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R) & Centre for Frontier AI Research (CFAR), A*STAR, Singapore

LL3DA understands, reasons, and plans upon the 3D environments with both textual instructions and visual interactions.


Recent advances in Large Multimodal Models (LMM) have made it possible for various applications in human-machine interactions. However, developing LMMs that can comprehend, reason, and plan in complex and diverse 3D environments remains a challenging topic, especially considering the demand for understanding permutation-invariant point cloud 3D representations of the 3D scene. Existing works seek help from multi-view images, and project 2D features to 3D space as 3D scene representations. This, however, leads to huge computational overhead and performance degradation. In this paper, we present LL3DA, a Large Language 3D Assistant that takes point cloud as direct input and respond to both textual-instructions and visual-prompts. This help LMMs better comprehend human interactions and further help to remove the ambiguities in cluttered 3D scenes. Experiments show that LL3DA achieves remarkable results, and surpasses various 3D vision-language models on both 3D Dense Captioning and 3D Question Answering.



Overview of the Proposed Approach. (a) The overall pipeline of our proposed LL3DA first extracts interaction-aware 3D scene embeddings, which are later projected to the prefix of textual instructions as the input of a frozen LLM. (b) The detailed design of the Interactor3D, which aggregates visual prompts, textual instructions, and 3D scene embeddings into a fixed length querying tokens. (c) The prompt encoder encodes the user clicks and box coordinates with the positional embeddings and ROI features, respectively.

LL3DA Capacities

Scene Descriptions

3D Dense Captioning

Open Vocabulary Detection

3D Question Answering

Embodied Dialogue

Embodied Planning

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